About My Financial Zen

We are working on the final touches and will soon launch our mobile app in both the Apple Store and the Play Store.

We are focused on three specific goals:

  1. CAPTURE – Gather your commitments all in one place. Bills. Appointments. Gigs. Trips. Classes.
  2. ALIGN – Identify how your commitments fit with your bigger goals and aspirations. Help you see what your time and money is being spent on.
  3. COACH – Track your activities to help visualize cause and effect. Illustrate the future impact of the decisions you are making today.

How does MyFinZen collect financial transactions?

We have partnered with Finicity, a leading cloud based Financial aggregation platform.  They sync MyFinZen with the financial accounts you select for tracking.

You also have the option to manually enter transactions. This will capture information immediately and give you a more accurate view of spendable funds.

How does MyFinZen protect my privacy and security?

MyFinZen is built on Amazon’s secure AWS infrastructure. AWS is trusted by some of the largest companies around the world, such as Netflix, Unilever, GE Oil and Gas, and Kellogg’s. AWS provides storage and back up of data. For more details, see here.

Heroku provides the cloud application platform for MyFinZen to run, with server management and orchestration.  This adds an additional layer of data security and encryption. For more details, see here.

Finicity also provides best of industry security through Encryption, Firewalls, Password Protection, Physical Security and Regular Security Audits. For more details, see here.

How does MyFinZen calendar work?

Never forget another bill, birthday or important date. It’s so easy to over-commit your time and resources as you race through busy days. MyFinZen seeks to align your commitments in one place. With our calendar view, you can see what is coming up and when cash-flow works best before adding new activities.

Quickly add a future event directly on the calendar, identify estimated cost and where funds will come from. You can add a category to better track where your money goes over time. Create tasks to go with an event, such as purchase tickets or make reservations to help you stay on track.