My Financial Zen’s 5 Levels of Financial Wellness:

  • MANAGE – Optimize Cash-Flow
  • PROTECT – Reduce & Eliminate Risks
  • BORROW – Build Strong Credit Power
  • GROW – Asset Accumulation & Increase Net Worth
  • GIVE – Leave a Legacy

What We Do

My Financial Zen offers a monthly membership that provides flexibility and ongoing support. Schedule coaching sessions when they work best for you and email or text your coach any time you have a question.

Our Financial Coaches work with you to build a strong financial wellness strategy. Learn to Save Well and Spend Wisely.

We help you successfully plan and take action in five strategic areas: MANAGE, PROTECT, BORROW, GROW and GIVE. 

MANAGE – optimizing cash flow to meet current needs and to negotiate balance of income & expenses. 

PROTECT – managing the risks of everyday life. We’ll review your current risk management strategy and identify gaps.

BORROW – making sure your financial decisions contribute to building a strong credit risk. This includes paying attention to your debt-to-income and credit utilization ratios. 

GROW – build a reserve for emergencies and personal wellbeing. Learn how to increase your potential for returns.

GIVE – develop an intentional vision of the people and organizations you want to impact in your lifetime and beyond. 

How We Do It

We partner with you to create a personal financial wellness action plan over the course of four coaching sessions:

Session 1 – EXPLORE – we help you clarify the people and things that matter most to you

Session 2 – EVALUATE – we take a deep dive into your current cash flow and risk strategies to identify obstacles and gaps that are preventing you from living a life you love

Session 3 – EXECUTE – we create an action plan that prioritizes those things that are urgent, critical and important

Session 4 – EQUIP – we provide resources, tools and referrals to the expertise you need to succeed long term

Each coaching session includes a 30-minute video call with action items. You also get access to your coach via email or text for any questions that might come up between calls.

Once you complete the four initial coaching sessions, you will continue to have access to your coach. Schedule additional sessions as you continue to work through your goals or email/text your coach as questions come up throughout the year.

Want to learn more? Schedule a 30-minute introductory call today. Still have questions? Send us a message at .

Ready to get started? Start your Financial Zen Coaching membership HERE and schedule your first session.

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