Strong financial health begins with building healthy financial habits

  • IDENTIFY your financial risks
  • PRIORITIZE your dreams and goals
  • BUILD long-term financial resilience
  • DEVELOP life-changing financial habits

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Meet our Founder

Listen to Diana Morris, our Founder and Chief Financial Coach as she chats with Melissa about her experience as a client. Diana brings a wealth of financial health knowledge from 20+ years in financial services.

We Believe the Outcomes Speak for Themselves

“A pleasure to work with, a trusted advisor and someone who asks the right questions that led me to reaching the goals that are important to me.” Heather B.

“Diana shares helpful tips to break out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and poor spending habits.” Whole Temple Podcast host, Kristin Pridgen.

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We listen to our customer’s most common financial questions and create practical resources to help them overcome obstacles and build better financial habits.

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My Financial Zen is a digital financial wellness company based in Downtown Indianapolis, IN.

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